What can Pur-gard™ do for my water?

What does Pur-gard™ do?

Pur-gard™ leaves a protective coating on metallic moving parts, cleans and lubricates all moving components, creates an unhealthy environment for bacteria in the system, and cleans ion-exchange resins without damaging the structured matrix.

What if I don’t put Pur-gard™ in my system?

Pur-gard™ helps the softener run at optimal performance. If you do not use Pur-gard™, your water softener may not run at its optimal best and its life expectancy maybe shortened. Just like brushing your teeth every day, this advanced technology maintains a good baseline of protection between detailed cleaning visits.

Can all water softeners use Pur-gard™?

Yes, all water softeners will use Pur-gard™. There are many cleaners on the market, but Pur-Gard was formulated and designed to not only clean, but minimize bacterial contamination between maintenance visits (see ‘What does Pur-Gard™ do?’). If your water softener does not have a Pur-Gard™ reservoir please visit our store and ask one of our friendly water consultants for a free reservoir.