About Intermountain Soft Water

Intermountain Soft Water was founded in the early 1950’s in Orem, Utah by Albert Rowley and his partners with a unique vision to develop, distribute, and maintain environmentally friendly water softeners in Utah at prices that everyone could afford.

Finally incorporated in 1966 as a Utah corporation, Intermountain is one of the oldest continuously-held water improvement companies in the United States and recognized as an innovative leader in the water improvement industry. Robert Rowley is company President.

Intermountain has been a true leader in water softener technology sales and repair in Utah for over half a century and continues to innovate on all fronts.

Rogan Rowley serves as the General Manager. Over the years we have helped many families and businesses throughout the USA and around the world to achieve the water quality that they want.

Our experience & expertise also means a strong commitment to staying ahead of the latest industry changes and trends.

We believe that a business is no better than the people it employs; therefore, we place great emphasis on the people we employ to serve you. We continually strive to be the best in our field and provide outstanding service to our clients.

These philosophies are fundamental to our approach and important in our company’s core values. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you and extend our excellent products and services to you.

The Intermountain family includes the following professional water quality improvement groups:

Intermountain Soft Water (ISW) – Our local in-home service team based in Lindon, Utah, offering comprehensive soft water service throughout the entire state of Utah with a strong emphasis on Utah county, Salt Lake county, Davis, and Wasatch counties. We also provide drinking filter replacement service on all brands as well as dealing with water problems like chlorine, tastes, odors, sediment, iron, bacteria, and corrosion problems. Our service team is the state leader in effective cleaning, disinfection, and maintenance of water softeners. Intermountain’s nationally certified, highly motivated service team is ready to help you make your water the very best that it can be. All employees are drug-tested, background-checked and tobacco-free.

Intermountain Soft Water’s Utah water softener service team is properly licensed by the Utah Department of Occupational and Professional Licensing – License Number 238382-5501 Intermountain Soft Water is a member of the Water Quality Association.
Angie’s List members give Intermountain Soft Water’s in-home team an “A” rating.
The Better Business Bureau consistently rates our Utah water softener service team with an “A”.

Intermountain Soft Water’s In-Home Service Team Mission Statement:

“To provide homeowners in Utah with the very best quality of water at the very best price while empowering and uplifting our employees to grow and excel”

Intermountain Water Products (IWP) – Our professional R&D, Intellectual Property development, and plumbing contractor-support group. IWP, is an industry leader with exclusive access to some of the latest technologies for residential, commercial, and industrial water quality improvement. If you are a licensed plumbing contractor or water treatment professional, click here for more information.

IWP is responsible for numerous advancements in the field, most importantly Evertech, Pur-Gard, Purafeel, Smart Bottle and Home Empowered Water System technologies.

Intermountain Soft Water, Inc. claims right via usage in interstate commerce to the following trademarks and service marks as pertaining to water softening, conditioning filtration, purification, treatment & enhancement products, chemicals, services and related categories of accessories, service and support:

Affordable Soft Water, Intermountain Soft Water, Fractional Brining, Pur-Gard, Pur-Gard+, Pur-Gard Plus, Pur-Gard Reagent-Grade, Hydroclear, Hydrolyte 525, Structured Matrix, Evertech, High Country, Atlantis, Atlantis DX, Atlantis XR, Atlantis DX2, Atlantis XR2, Hydropro, Hydropro 101, Hydropro 750, Hydropro Deluxe, Patriot, Patriot jr., Patriot Pro, Patriot Twin Analyst, Imperial, Spectrum, Spectrum 180, Spectrum 360, Water Fountain, Water Fountain Plus, Water Fountain Deluxe, Water Fountain Ultimate, Home Bottled Water System, Home Empowered Water System, WaterMaster, Water Master, Eagle, IonTamer, TaninTamer, IonAvenger, Imperial Bottle, Empowered Bottle, ZeroClear, Dial-a-Feel, Dial-a-Taste, The Bottle, Smart Bottle, Smart Bottle System, Home Empowered Drinking Water System, The better the water the better the life, Immerse yourself in bottled water, Make the smart move – Water fountain, True beauty comes from within and reflects on your skin, feel beautiful bathing in bottled water, buy a filter or be a filter. Vortex, Vortex rinse, Vortex distributor, Empowered Ultrafilter, Simplicity Water, Simple Soft, Simple Clear, Simple Pure, Simple Scale, Simple Clean, Sensory Twin, Sensory Twin Deluxe.