PurGard™ Technology

Revolutionary PurGard™ Technology Developed with Your Health in Mind

When contaminants accumulate in a softener, they can seriously
impair its ability to function properly, degrade water quality, and
even result in premature mechanical wear of failure. Salt brine
tanks are especially vulnerable to contamination with living
On-board cleaning and disinfection systems like Pur-Gard allow a
water softener to continuously protect itself with a maintenance
dose of cleaning and disinfection chemicals to help minimize
bacterial contamination and dissolve accumulated growth. Just like
brushing your teeth every day, this advanced technology maintains
a good baseline of protection between detailed cleaning visits.

PurGard™ Technology provides the following features:

  • Clean ion-exchange resin without damaging structured matrix
  • Leave a protective coating on metallic moving parts
  • Clean and lubricate all moving components
  • Create an unhealthy environment for bacteria in the system
  • Activate Purafeel Technology on compatible systems
  • Catalytically activate self-sanitization on compatible systems

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