Top Quality Service

Intermountain Soft Water was founded on our commitment to providing “Best in Class” customer service. It’s our goal that you have an excellent experience with our products, services, and employees. Rest assured, we’ve been doing just that since 1966, and we’ll continue to honor that commitment for years to come.

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Cleaning & Disinfecting Services

Over time, your soft water system will require maintenance to ensure that it’s safe and sanitary. Sanitizing is necessary since the salt or brine backwash cycle does not remove microorganisms like bacteria or algae that often grow in the resin bed or brine tank. That’s why we offer our cleaning and disinfecting services to ensure that your system continues to run smoothly while delivering clean water to your home.

We recommend having your water softening system cleaned annually or if you suspect any contamination. Our experts have seen it all, so we’re sure to get the job done while providing fast and friendly service.

Softener & Water System Repair

If your water softening systems needs repair, Intermountain Soft Water has you covered! Our soft water experts are licensed professionals who are knowledgeable about many different systems and softening technology, so you can count on us to know exactly what the problem is and the right solution. Here are some things to look out for that indicate that your water softening system is not functioning properly:
  • Hard water spots
  • Change in water pressure
  • Change in water quality
  • Salty-tasting water
  • Buildup around faucets

If you’re noticing any of the above issues, contact us today to get a quote and schedule an appointment with one of our soft water experts!

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RO & Drinking Filter Replacement

Whether you have a reverse osmosis filter or another water filtration system, our expert technicians can replace your water filter for you! We’ll even provide you with the filter if needed. Ensuring that your drinking water is clean and safe to consume is one of our top priorities, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We’ll be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about water filtration systems and replacement.

Treat Private & Community Wells

If you live in an area where your water supply comes from a well, either private or community, it’s essential to treat and maintain the well for the best water quality. Our water well treatment services will provide you and your community with water free of bacteria, sulfides or sulfates, nitrates, tannins, and excess iron or manganese. Make sure your well water is clean and ready for use. Get in touch with Intermountain Soft Water for information on our water well treatment technology!

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Onsite Water & Plumbing Evaluation

Are you noticing that something is off with your water but just can’t seem to pinpoint the problem? Look no further than Intermountain Soft Water. We’ll do a complete on-site inspection and analysis of your water and run any necessary tests. Our experts are sure to find the root of the problem and provide you with the best solution options you’ll find in all of Utah.

Have a certified water professional come to your home and inform you on your home water situation. The Site Estimate is a free service to you. The technician will let you know all options that fit your budget, and accommodate your personal situation.

Water Treatment & Consulting

For nearly 60 years, Intermountain Soft Water has been the premier
choice for hundreds and hundreds of thousands of customers in the
Intermountain West. We take pride in educating our customers the right
way – providing accurate information for proper decision making in
treating water. Our knowledge, experience, and expertise with problem
water are hands down some of the best in the industry. This allows us to
provide simple, affordable solutions to complex water problems. If you
need your water tested for certain contaminants or need consultation
on your water analysis, contact us today. We are confident you will enjoy
your experience as part of the Intermountain family!

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