Water Fountain Reverse Osmosis

Water is a daily, life–sustaining requirement. It is one of the pure and basic necessities in life. Ensuring that the water we drink every day is the safe natural water that our bodies demand is as vital as the water itself. Unfortunately, not all of the water we use from our taps is the pure, fresh water that our bodies desire. The Water Fountain Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System effectively reduces harmful impurities, turning ordinary tap water into the water that nature intended for us to drink…fresh, natural, life– sustaining water.

Water Fountain R.O. water is water the way that it’s supposed to be. Water that looks, smells and tastes like drinking water. Reverse Osmosis is probably the finest form of filtration known to man. Each filtration stage is vital to the waters taste, clarity, and pureness.


Benefits of the Water Fountain R.O.

  • Delicious, sparkling–clear drinking water.
  • Pristine, flavorful coffee, tea and juice.
  • Clean rinsed fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Crystalline, harder and clearer ice cubes.
  • Better tasting soups, sauces and meals.
  • Convenient, Cost Effective and Affordable.


Additional Benefits and Uses

  • Rinse your glassware in R.O. water for spotless, sparkling results.
  • Nourish your plants and flowers with fresh water.
  • Fill your aquarium with clean, clear water.
  • Prolong the life of your humidifier or steam iron.

What are the Health Benefits?

The human body is one of the most complex organisms on earth. Our bodies require good nutrition and constant hydration to function properly. A person of normal weight can survive for up to 30 days without eating. That same person will die within 72 hours without water. Not only should you hydrate your body with water (Eight, 8oz. glasses of water a day), but you should do it with High-Quality water…water that doesn’t allow your body to filter the minerals and impurities from it. The human body should never be the filter. Someone once said, “You can choose to either be a filter or buy a filter.” Water does far more than just quench your thirst, It:

  • Lubricates moving surfaces such as your joints, heart, and intestines
  • Dilutes pollution and contaminants in your body
  • Helps your body metabolize fat
  • Cushions your brain and spinal cord
  • Moistens the surface of your lungs to help you breathe
  • Aids digestion, absorption, metabolism, secretion and excretion
  • Helps conduct sound through your inner ear
  • Maintains skin flexibility

Many have suggested that the minerals in water are of good value to our bodies. That may be true if the minerals in water are of organic nature, but most minerals in water are of inorganic nature. The human body processes organic mineral easier than inorganic. On the other hand, plant life does a wonderful job in processing inorganic minerals making it possible for our bodies to be enriched by fruits and vegetables filled with nutritional value. Water should never be considered a source of nutrition for the body. That is the purpose of food. Water does more than hydrate the body as listed above. This is why it is so important for drinking water to be of the highest quality and fully pH balanced. Please contact a representative at (800) 454-3429 or [email protected] for more information.

Operation and Stages of Water Fountain RO

Reverse Osmosis is probably the finest form of filtration known to man. Particles as small as 0.001 micron can be rejected by the semi-permeable membrane, allowing for extremely high water purity levels.

As water enters the system it first passes through a dual-stage prefilter, removing all particles greater than 5 micron in size as well as addressing oxidants such as chlorine and chloramine.

The purification membrane is the finest filter in the system, removing particles as small as 0.001 micron (a human hair is approximately 75 micron in diameter).

Post Purification
Purified water is further passed through an activated carbon filter. This Post filter contains carbon particles with a vast network of pores. The tremendous surface area of these pores gives the carbon very good adsorptive sites for substances that contribute to tastes and odors such as pesticides, herbicides, and gaseous tastes & odors.

Storage & Pressurization
Since the purification process is so detailed, water is produced relatively slowly. Purified water is stored and pressurized in an NSF certified sanitary-sealed stainless steel pressure vessel to give you the volume of water that you need. A 3 Gallon storage tank (1.5 Gallon drawdown) is included standard with the system. Larger tanks are available upon request.

Final Polish
Before being dispensed at your NSF approved lead-free glass filler, the water is further polished and sweetened to ensure a pleasant taste.

Lead-Free Glass Filler
An NSF approved lead-free glass filler is included, standard, in a chrome, gooseneck configuration. Many finish and style configurations are available.

Pressurization Pump
In certain circumstances, an NSF approved pressure pump may be required to ensure proper distribution pressure and flow. Check with you local Intermountain Certified Water Professional.