Cleaning & Disinfection Service

Like millions of people in America, you may have water Popsquality treatment equipment installed in your home. You count on those systems to provide all the benefits of softened water and clean drinking water.

A water softener is one of the hardest-working appliances in the home. Many households have water softeners & conditioners that will process HUNDREDS of pounds of inorganic mineral hardness every single year. If the system has compatible resin, it could also be  be addressing many inorganic metals like iron, lead, copper and zinc and many others. Every household is different, with different water-usage patterns, and expectations of water quality. The annual model is clearly deficient, so the industry now teaches periodic service based upon the aggregate amount of hardness and other inorganics processed by the system. Experts agree that a traditional softener should be serviced after processing approx 1,000,000 grains or at least every 12 months, whichever is sooner.Cleaning and Disinfection Table

But if your water treatment is not properly sanitized, bacteria can grow and multiply wherever the water sits, including on the inside surfaces of tanks and hoses. When water sits, chlorine levels drop, reducing its chemical ability to prevent bacterial growth. Filters can also filter out chlorine, making the water more susceptible to bacterial growth.

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