Are you wanting to learn more about water filtration and water softening? Or maybe you’re looking for some tips to ensure that you get the best results from your water softener? We want you to be educated about the water in your home; that’s why we’ve created these resourceful videos filled with information and helpful tips about water softening. Keep scrolling to watch our videos and learn more!

Sensory Twin System

Sensory Twin System

Sensory Twin Introduction The sensory twin system uses patented technology that measures the fluctuations in water hardness levels, saving you more time, money, salt, and water. Learn more about this hard-working water softening system!

Sensory Twin System

This is no run-of-the-mill water softening system. At Intermountain Soft Water, we set out to challenge the status quo with your sensory twin system. Learn how our water softener sets itself apart from other systems.

Benefits of the Sensory Twin

Cleaner dishes, drinkable water at every tap, and no more hard water buildup are just a few benefits of using our sensory twin water softening system. Watch this video to learn about what a difference soft water can make in your home!

Sensory Introduction W/ Benefits

Familiarize yourself with the Intermountain Soft Water twin sensory system and its benefits with this educational video!

Leak Controller Education

Aqua Flood Stop - (Leak Control Value)

Introducing the Aqua Flood Stop, a system that can sense a flood before it happens, automatically turns off the water source to protect your home from water damage. Learn more about this new and amazing technology and its tremendous benefits in this video!

Aqua Flood Stop - How it Works?

Wanting to learn more about the Aqua Flood Stop, a state-of-the-art leak detection system that prevents floods in your home? Educate yourself on how the Aqua Flood Stop works and how it can protect your home from disaster with this video!

Soft Water

What is soft water? By definition, soft water is water that has less than one GPG of hardness. Hardness in water is caused by minerals such as chalk, limestone, and marble. Hard water causes residue and buildup, causing water spots left on surfaces, and it can lead to clogs in your plumbing pipes. Like the ones we provide, water softening systems filter minerals out to create soft water that won’t leave behind staining or buildup and will even heat more efficiently. The benefits of soft water are tenfold, which is why soft water is becoming ever increasingly popular across homes and residences across the United States. If you’re ready for soft water in your home, contact Intermountain Soft Water today!

Chlorine Education

Chlorine - The Silent Killer

Did you know that drinking chlorinated water can increase your chances of bladder, colon, and rectal cancer? In this video, you’ll learn how our Simple Clean water system can provide your home with chlorine-free water!

Simple Clean

Our Simple Clean Water System works with any water softener and filters out chlorine, a harmful chemical that can be found in your home’s water. Learn about Simple Clean and how it can provide you with cleaner, healthier water with this informational video!

DIY Cleaning & Maintenance Services

DIY Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and disinfecting your water system is essential for providing clean, soft water to your home. That’s why we’ve created this video with nine simple steps to cleaning your soft water system. Click “play” to get started!

Sensory/Patriot Twin Cleaning

Learn how to clean and disinfect your Sensory Twin Cleaning water softening system with this easy-to-follow step-by-step instructional video!

7000XTRI Cleaning

Working with a 7000XTRI water softening system? Learn how to clean and disinfect it with this quick tutorial video properly!

7000SXTI Cleaning

Follow this step-by-step video to learn the best way to clean your 7000SXTI water softening system.

Erie Metered Cleaning

Follow this simple 9-step process to learn how to clean your Erie Metered soft water system by yourself!

Erie Day TImer Cleaning

If your Erie Day Timer water softening system needs its routine cleaning and disinfecting, then look no further! Learn how to do it yourself with this simple 9-step process!

DIY CDS Schedule

It’s essential that you keep your water softener, clean, disinfect, and maintain regularly. Learn how you can identify how often your system will require maintenance with this informational video!

Bypass Instructions

Fleck Bypass

Working with a water softener with a fleck valve? Here’s how to bypass it to direct water away from your water softening system.

Clack Bypass

Watch this video to learn how you can bypass your water softener that has a clack valve.

Erie Bypass

Here’s how you can bypass an Erie water softening system to get water away from your system.

3-Valve Bypass

A 3-valve bypass doesn’t have to be complicated. Watch our step-by-step video to learn how to do it yourself!

7000 Fleck Bypass

If your system is fitted with a 7000 fleck, we have you covered! Watch this tutorial to learn how to bypass your 7000 fleck water softening system.