Pre/Post/Final Filter Kit


Reverse Osmosis is probably the finest form of filtration known to man. Each filtration stage of Intermountain Soft Water’s Reverse Osmosis system is vital to the waters taste, clarity, and pureness. The recommended interval from the manufacturer for changing Pre, Post, Final filters is every 6 to 12 months. Local conditions may dictate more frequent changes.

Each kit contains the Pre, Post, and Final filters, a filter wrench for easy removal of the housings, fitting connectors for the Final filter, latex gloves for handling the filters, and a towel for cleaning up excess water. When purchasing water filters from Intermountain Soft Water, you can be rest assured that each kit is carefully packaged and sealed in a nitrogen-flushed Mylar storage pouch to protect your filters against contamination and to prolong the storage life.


Reverse Osmosis Filtration Stages

Pre Stage: As water enters the system it first passes through a dual-stage filter, removing all particles greater than 5 micron in size as well as addressing oxidants such as chlorine and chloramine.

Membrane Purification: The purification membrane is the finest filter in the system, removing particles as small as 0.001 micron (a human hair is approximately 75 micron in diameter). This synthetic material is a high flux coefficient membrane, meaning that it will produce a uniform supply of water at varying temperatures and pressures.

Post Stage: Purified water is further passed through an activated carbon filter. This Post filter contains carbon particles with a vast network of pores. The tremendous surface area of these pores gives the carbon very good adsorptive sites for substances that contribute to tastes and odors such as pesticides, herbicides, and gaseous tastes & odors.

Final Stage: Before being dispensed at your NSF approved lead-free glass filler, the water is further polished and sweetened from the holding tank to ensure a pleasant taste.

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Weight 4 lbs