Sensory Twin


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The Sensory Twin takes your water quality management capabilities to the next level, incorporating a simple to use control computer interface to an integrated sensory system that learns your water usage lifestyle and automatically adjusts itself as needed to make your water the softest.

An exclusive feature of the Sensory Twin System is its dual tank configuration. Two tanks are controlled to alternate silently as needed so that you have a continuous supply of perfect soft water without any interruptions, even while you are using water. The most revolutionary feature about the Sensory Twin is its ability to intelligently adapt to changing water conditions and minimize it’s salt and water usage, making it one of the most efficient water conditioners ever manufactured.

The Sensory Twin is not only smart, it is also built strong; strong enough to easily handle the code compliant water pressures, chlorine, and other operational challenges presented by city water in Utah.

This simple water conditioner will give you many years of reliable trouble-free service while protecting your home,  appliances, faucets, and fixtures from the damage caused by hard water scale. The Sensory Twin will even save you
money on heating energy, cleaning materials, soap, shampoo, and laundry detergent.

For the last decade, families have chosen the Sensory Twin because of its efficiency, affordability, and quality – making it one of the most popular water treatment systems purchased in the Utah market.