RO & Drinking Filter Replacement

RO & Drinking Filter Replacement

RO & Drinking Filter Replacement
Most city supplies meet federal minimum guidelines for safety and potability, but many homeowners realize that they want better than the bare minimum standard for their family and pets.

There are many different brands of drinking, sediment, rust, taste, and reverse osmosis filters available in Utah from varied water softener dealers, plumbers and home improvement centers.

Intermountain’s team of local water treatment experts can assist you with professional filter replacements with NSF-certified cartridges, made in the USA to the strictest standards.

In addition to providing you with high quality filters at affordable prices, our service team will perform the change-out according to industry best practices:

  • Test & document influent water chemistry
  • Test & document current effluent water chemistry
  • Inspect current filter installation and make recommendations for improvement as necessary
  • Inspect Leak Controller for proper operation and replace batteries as necessary
  • Replace appropriate drinking water cartridges
  • Sanitize manifold and housing/s
  • Sanitize glass filler and hard-piping
  • Replace quick-connect fittings
  • Replace distribution tubing
  • Reseal cartridge housing/s
  • Disinfect repressurization tank/s as appropriate
  • Supplemental water testing and customer education

You can trust Intermountain’s Utah-based service team to service and maintain your drinking water filtration or purification system.